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When it comes to forex trading, there is nothing more important than being able to having accurate forex buy sell signals to follow. Most of the time, this is the number one problem faced by new traders who do not have any idea when to buy and sell a currency pair accurately.

Here are some forex buy sell signals you can look out for before you enter your trade

1) Using MACD – I often use MACD and its trigger line to help me check for confirm trend line break when usually give a good buy sell signals for me to enter a trade and exit a trade.

When you have a trend line break together with MACD cutting through its trigger line, you can enter a trade at that time.

2) Using Parabolic Sars – This is a forex buy sell signals I usually use in the 5 minutes chart to help me find the optimum entry point. Parabolic Sars indicator consists of dots that fluctuate above and below the candlesticks.

When the dots are formed above the candlesticks, it usually means a sell signals and when the dots are formed below the candlesticks, it usually mean a buy signals.

3) Using Forex Reversal Candle Pattern – If you have been reading my blog, you will have read about a point on reversal candle pattern. I usually work with the 3 reversal candle patterns listed in the post as I find them very reliable.

If you are able to have a confluence of events for the above three forex buy sell signals, you should immediately jump into the trade to grab some pips to the bank. Practice in your demo account with the three buy sell signals stated above so that you can use them more accurately in your live trades.