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The Psychology Of a Forex Trader

Forex tips Forex trading requires emotional detachment. Losses are inevitable, and should not be allowed to become the cause of emotional stress or physical illness. Forex traders are also cautioned against becoming overconfident. A profitable trade, especially for a novice trader, may lead him or her to engage in more trades than can be reasonably […]

5 Reasons Why Trading Currency is Better than Trading Stocks

Forex tips Here are some reasons why trading currency is so much better than trading stocks in my opinion. 1. Liquidity In the forex market, over $3.98 trillion worth of trades are traded daily, which makes the currency trading market the most liquid market in the world – trading in 1 day what Wall St. […]

My Forex Chart Analysis Strategy

Filed under Forex Strategies If you ask me “What is my most important step before I place a trade?”. The answer will be CHART ANALYSIS. I bet most of you have heard of forex chart analysis from those forex books that you have read but how many of you actually know how to do it. […]

Forex Breakout Trading Made Easy Part II

Filed under Forex Strategies I have posted a forex breakout trading strategy on one of my previous blog post showing you how to trade breakout in forex. However, there are times where you might get stopped out when trading this strategy due to fake outs or whipsaw effects. So I will be showing you how […]

My Forex Exit Strategy Revealed

Filed under Forex Strategies Most traders are only concerned about when to enter their position and often neglect the need to know when to exit their position which is also known as their forex exit strategy. In fact, a trading plan is only completed when you have a well defined exit strategy. The reason why […]

Where Should I Place My Stop Loss?

Filed under Forex Strategies I have received emails from some of my blog readers asking me this question and I think this is one of the important questions that have to be answered. Therefore I will like to answer it in the form of a blog post so that everyone of you reading this blog […]

Forex Pivot Point Trading Strategy

Filed under Forex Strategies Forex pivot point trading is what some people call “Big Dogs Trading Method“. This is because pivot point is usually used by those traders in the banks and big institutions. As these groups of people make up a large volume of the transactions, they are usually causing the movement in the […]

Forex Buy Sell Signals

Filed under Forex Strategies When it comes to forex trading, there is nothing more important than being able to having accurate forex buy sell signals to follow. Most of the time, this is the number one problem faced by new traders who do not have any idea when to buy and sell a currency pair […]

How to Manage the Risks of Trading Currency

Filed under Forex Strategies If traders want to succeed in the forex market they must learn how to manage the risks of trading. Lets take a look at some tips on how to manage the risk of trading currency. 1. Start with one currency pair Many forex beginners will want to trade several currency pairs […]

Discover the Secrets to Forex Market Trading

Filed under Forex Strategies You have most likely run into forex market trading for the very first time either from seeing a number of ads over a finance website, or possibly a late night infomercial. You most likely thought you could make some serious money with only little expenses. Websites let you know that you […]