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3 Important Aspects of Trading Forex Currency

Filed under Forex Strategies If you are planning to be successful at trading forex currency then you need to consider a few aspects. The concept of planning, patience, and discipline is elusive to most traders since everyone is looking for profit. Sometimes, you can make profits quickly but only with persistent planning, patience and discipline. […]

Will Speculators Ever Get Into The Bitcoin Market?

If you haven’t already heard of bitcoins, they are a digital currency that was created in 2008 and launched in 2009. It’s been four years since that launch and bitcoins have seen a wide shift from a relatively unknown internet project to a real digital currency. Currently, the value of bitcoins is determined in an […]

Has The Bubble Burst on Bitcoins?

Bitcoin bubble

In their short span of existence, Bitcoins have definitely had an impact on the world of investing. Since their launch in 2009, bitcoins have gained value after online merchants began accepting them for payment. This led to websites that have opened up in order to allow the trading of bitcoins. The past month has seen […]

Are Bitcoins a Bankers Worst Nightmare?

People have always sought to secure transaction for goods and services by using a trusted system to reduce risk. This goes back to the use of gold and silver coins that were worth a similar amount to there face value. Then paper money was introduced and was guaranteed by the financial institutions or governments that […]

The Risk of The Bitcoin Exchange Market

Bitcoin risks

Bitcoins came into existence in 2009 and ever since then they have been traded like a real currency by online exchanges. Like any commodity traded through an exchange there are risks involved and bitcoins just may be riskier than most. Here are some of the reasons why bitcoins could be the riskiest investment you could […]

Using Bitcoins on the Murky Silk Road

What do you do if you want your illegal substance of choice home delivered quickly and cheaply? With the digital age there are hidden nooks on the Internet that make it simpler and more anonymous to buy and sell drugs. The old way was to ask a friend of a friend that knew where to […]

Bitcoin: The Digital Currency and how to buy it?

How to buy bitcoins

Bitcoin, the virtual currency, has hit the headlines with DDoS attacks, sky-rocketing value, panic-selling, and even bitcoin-bought pizzas. Update: After enjoying a sky-rocketing value last week, virtual currency Bitcoin has slumped, but still remains several times its value mere months ago. There were fears that its biggest exchange had been subject to a cyber attack […]

Be Careful with Virtual Currencies!

The rapid appreciation in the value of the Bitcoin has left many people wondering how they can get onto the next big thing and perhaps get the same massive profits that some people have enjoyed with their Bitcoins. This has led to some people looking at some other currencies that do not have the same […]

Are Bitcoins a New Form of Currencies?

For the past couple of months you may have heard the word bitcoin a great deal in the news. So, what is a bitcoin? At its most basic level, it’s just a bit of computer code. Though, it has come to mean a lot more than that. The bitcoin has become a digital currency accepted […]

An insider’s opinion on the crazy bitcoin market

This morning, a family member of mine asked me to write up my opinion of the Bitcoin price movement recently. For those who don’t know me, I’ve been heavily involved in Bitcoin since May 2011. It is my full time life, my career, and my passion. The price in 2013 has been wild, and here’s […]